Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

I sure that everyone in the country is off today (well, at least everyone in my family) except me and my staff. We have to work on Labor day. We actually work everyday (yup, even Christmas) but it isn't a holiday for us. So here I am at work, blogging instead of working. I don't have much to say so it won't take long.

I have joined a group called the Daring Bakers. It is a group of people, that partcipate in monthly baking challenges set forth by hosts chosen from the groups blogroll. I am so excited. I have been reading about their challenges and studying the recipes of the things they have baked in the past. But I finally joined and September will be my first time participating. But I can't tell you what it is until the end of the month.'s a secret.

I had a tough weekend with my sugar. I didn't watch what I ate at all. And I had a bad day yesterday because my blood sugar got to low and I ate way to late. So I felt like crap all day while I was out shoe shopping with my kids. But we managed to get shoes and the rest of the stuff my 5 yr old needs to start school Thursday. He is actually excited this year. I guess Kindergarten is more exciting than Pre-K. Oh to be 5 again.

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